About Us

It all started with an exploratory mission to One Tail At A Time Dog Rescue in Chicago, IL with my mom to check out the dogs up for adoption and that’s when I met George a handsome 1 year old Lab-Bernese Mix that had been rescued from a puppy mill in Buffalo, MO. 


At first he was shy and a bit skittish, but after a few weeks of being connected at the hip we were thick as thieves - trips to the dog park, chewed up remotes, 1 or 2 accidents at home, dog friendly patios, etc.

After talking about dog products we wished we had over drinks with our friends, we decided to start Kooler Pup. 

 At Kooler Pup our  mission is simple: We develop fun and novel dog products in order to make you and your pup’s life more fun.